Some quotes from previous clients:

  • "We would like to thank you for the itinerary you had put together for us. Everything went off very well. The kids too had a great time. Hotels and the tours were great.
    Special mention on the Spiderman show which was fantastic - the seats were a great selection.
    We would be happy to recommend you to any of our friends planning a trip to the US.
    Many people were amazed that we had managed to cover the depth and breadth of the vast US with your help.

    It was time well spent planning with you."

  • "Thanks as ever- we are having a great time and you are getting high marks from everyone!"

  • "You really are good at this and clearly this is your passion. Made me want to hop on a plane straight away."

  • "Fabulous information you have supplied. Thank you."

  • "Lot of driving but beautiful scenery - needing time to relax and walk a little more but that should be possible in the days ahead. You are still scoring high marks!"

  • "All going to plan so far and we all thoroughly enjoyed Yellowstone - wonderful!"

  • "I am very greatful for your help :)"

  • "Of the places we visited we felt all were excellent."

  • "We used the accommodation sites you recommended (both house & B&B), they were a invaluable help - thanks."

  • "I should have added that the key thing you offered was personal communication, care and support!"

Will your holiday evoke the same positive response? Call us to help with the planning and it is more likely to be the holiday of your dreams.

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