A Testimonial from the UK

From a client who enjoyed a fabulous a holiday in the US during August and September 2012:

"I would recommend Kathie Snyders to anyone who is considering a holiday in the US.

We used her service to plan our trip to the US this summer, and we had an excellent time. My wife and I both have busy jobs and have little time available to plan our annual holiday. Typically we book into a Mediterranean resort for a couple of weeks and relax on the beach. This year we had the opportunity to visit some friends in the US, and wanted to give our 3 kids (aged 14, 12 and 7) a real experience of America. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to research the many options and develop an itinerary supported by hotel bookings etc.

I found Kathie on the internet, and gave her the dates we would be at our friends on the New Jersey shore, and some vague ideas around visiting New York and Washington. Over the next few weeks she developed the plan, displaying endless patience as we frequently changed our minds during the process. Kathie was able to use her business to access better rates than we could directly, and booked hotels in Washington and New York and a condominium in Maryland as well as a number of excursions. Once we were there, we had the reassurance of having Kathie at the end of the phone in the event of any issues. In the event we didn't have any, although I am afraid I did get her out of bed in the middle of the night when our plane was delayed and I needed help with the car hire people. Throughout she was a delight to deal with, and the service was extremely well priced.

The service both ensured we saw more of America than we could have achieved through our plans and took the stress and hassle out of the holiday preparation."

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